Linda Cohen

Untitled“Linda Cohen was a Philadelphia-based guitarist, who made three albums of instrumental music for classical guitar, augmented with various electronic instruments and effects. Sadly, she passed away recently, but was well-known in Philadelphia both as a musician and a guitar instructor. (Her obituary can be seen here.) Other members of the Philadelphia music scene help out on all her recordings: notably, Craig Anderton and Michal Kac of legendary psych group Mandrake Memorial, as well Charles Cohen, a modular synth player who is well-known to anyone familiar with the Philly underground scene of the past few decades. Leda was followed by Lake of Light (1973) and Angel Alley (1982); of the three, Leda seems to be the most sparse, with the warm nylon-string guitar of most tracks being subtly augmented by bass or synth sounds which remain in the background. Lake of Light is available at this Soundcloud page. Although the arrangements of Lake of Light are sometimes more engaging, I think the songs of Leda are stronger, ultimately making it a more enjoyable album. Calm, reflective, psychedelic, and slightly melancholic music, reminiscent of Führs & Fröhling.”

linda cohen
Michael Kac & Linda Cohen


Leda (1972)

Complete Album:

A1: Arroyo
A2: Promenade
A3: Leda
A4: Madman Samba
A5: Wisteria
A6: Valentine Suite
B1: Fantasia Inca
B2: The Dust
B3: Two Themes
B4: Untitled
B5: The Old Castle
B6: Sixth Sense

Lake of Light (1973)

A1: Growing Back
A2: Sunshower
A3: Nouveau Riche
A4: In Just Spring
A5: Lake Of Light
A6: Zambra
B1: Clap
B2: Monongahela
B3: Half Piece
B4: River of Eggs
B5: Horizon Jane
B6: Concerto

Angel Alley (1982)

A1: Tommy Troller
A2: Midday Moon
A3: Pink Flamenco
A4: Angel Alley
A5: Guitar Suite #2
B1: The Minstrel Boy (Refried)
B2: Dark Rain
B3: Meridian
B4: Still The Bell
B5: Liaison
B6: The Susannah Variation

Kac & Cohen at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia 2007

Linda Cohen – Remembered – 1947-2009 (with Michael Kac)


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