On Covering WNC

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From the editor: On covering WNC
Katie Wadington, November 20, 2016

“Why did Trump win those counties? We could say that the residents are more conservative, and then move on.”

Yes. That would have been dismissive and entirely the wrong take. President Trump is not a conservative.

“It doesn’t give our readers a chance to empathize with voters who were frustrated by the economy or hated Hillary Clinton or simply were ready for a change.”

You forget that the election of President Trump was a total repudiation of yellow journalists, fake news, and the ideology they work so hard to advocate.

The news media was caught off guard by this election. They were wrong. All of them. The undecided voters were not undecided: they were just keeping their mouths shut when questioned by the partisan press out fishing for chum for a routine smear job they could serve up for their readers.

They still don’t get it. Yes, Hillary lost. But it was the media who suffered the most crushing defeat. You demeaned and criticized Trump supporters at every opportunity with boatloads of ink while proudly carrying Hillary Clinton on your ample shoulders. And you fell face first onto the hard concrete below. Bloodied but unbowed. Well, we can still see the dried blood on your dejected faces. It’s like a permanent tattoo proclaiming your battered status in the world of political smugness.

And they are still trying to tell us ignorant uninformed peons what happened and what it all means.



The Problem of ‘Fake News’ Is Very Real and Has No Good Solution
by John Ziegler | Mediaite | November 18th, 2016

Tidal Wave Of NYT Readers Vote NO On ‘Echo Chamber Of Liberal Intellectualism’
Katie Frates | Daily Caller | 11/21/2016


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