Expanding the Courts

The Judicial Branch of government in North Carolina is established as a co-equal branch of our state government under Article IV of the State Constitution. North Carolina’s court system, called the General Court of Justice, is a unified statewide and state-operated system consisting of three divisions: the Appellate Division, the Superior Court Division and the District Court Division. The Appellate Division is composed of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

Short Memories
John Hood | November 12, 2016

Pope v Easley
Decided: December 18, 2001
“On 30 June 2000, the General Assembly of North Carolina enacted, and the Governor of North Carolina signed into law, Session Law 2000-67, which authorized, among other things, the expansion of the North Carolina Court of Appeals from twelve to fifteen judges.”

House Bill 1840 / S.L. 2000-67
§ 7A-16. Creation and organization.
“…On or after December 15, 2000, the Governor shall appoint three additional judges to increase the number of judges to 15. Each judgeship shall not become effective until the temporary appointment is made, and each appointee shall serve from the date of qualification until January 1, 2005. Those judges’ successors shall be elected in the 2004 general election and shall take office on January 1, 2005, to serve terms expiring December 31, 2012.”

NC Democrats: So opposed to court-packing, they did it in 2000
Sister Toldjah | American Lens | November 21, 2016
“There’s only one problem with their criticism [of expanding the court]: It’s already been done in North Carolina. By Democrats – when they controlled things. In 2000.”


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