Contested Elections

The Last Contested Election in America
Robert P. Joyce | UNC School of Government | Winter 2007

Initiation of the Contested Election. The new procedure applies to the ten Council of State offices. Under the procedure a candidate for one of these offices who wants to contest an election may appeal the final decision of the North Carolina State Board of Elections directly to the General Assembly. He or she begins by filing with the clerk of the House of Representatives a notice of intent to contest the election. The notice may be based on either of two grounds:

  1. that the opponent is ineligible or unqualified or,
  2. that there was error in the conduct or results of the election.

Judicial Review. The election of the governor by the North Carolina General Assembly is not subject to judicial review, per G.S. 163-182.13A(k).

Carolina Chaos, Elections in Doubt
Staff | American Lens | 11/14/2016
Durham, NC – Chaos has descended on the Durham County Board of Elections following Election Day irregularities. At least one official complaint was filed on November 11, 2016 and the high potential for others could have far-reaching effects across the state. The alleged issues took place during the entire 17-day early voting period and into Election Day at more than five precincts in Durham County. The complaint lodges an accusation of official misconduct. The number of questionable ballots is estimated at approximately 90,000. As a result, the balance of two top races remain clouded in doubt.

After Inquiry, WRAL Explains Missing Vote Count Article
Sister Toldjah | American Lens | 11/15/2016
Vote Count issues still plague North Carolina. Unlike other gubernatorial races across the country that were decided on November 8th, the battle for who will be North Carolina’s next governor is still ongoing. Less than 5,000 votes separate incumbent Republican Governor Pat McCrory and NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, his Democratic challenger who holds the ever so slight lead.

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