HB2 and Tourism

3/29/2015: People in the travel and tourism industry in the Asheville area and across the state are waiting nervously to see how many people avoid North Carolina because of their displeasure over HB2. Some say they are already seeing negative impacts, a few say it may not affect the bottom line and others expect problems in the future, with the big question being how large the effects will be.

4/27/2016: Tourism losses related to House Bill 2 are rising toward $2 million in Asheville, according to tourism officials, and that number represents only the measurable impact.

7/11/2016: In Asheville, business owners are taking stock of what HB2 means for sales and considering the economic impacts of the boycotts and government-funded travel bans that have resulted from the legislation.

TODAY: Dollars continue to surge into Asheville tourism sector: Asheville and Buncombe County’s tourism industry continued to thrive during the past fiscal year, which concluded at the end of June. The area set an occupancy record for lodging properties with an average rate of 73.3 percent, said Stephanie Brown, executive director of the Asheville Convention and Visitors Bureau. That broke the previous year’s record of 72.6 percent.


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