A remarkable film.

“It’s more than truth. It’s poetry.”


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqLvKhL2HbQ

Review by Daisy Miller: “With beautiful widescreen cinematography and gorgeous sets and costumes, YOUNG GOETHE IN LOVE (2010), a totally delightful 5-star German romance, captures the magic—and heartbreak—of first love. In 1772, the young, carefree, handsome, and wild Johann Goethe (an utterly charming Alexander Fehling) is devoted to his poetry. But his father wishes him to be a lawyer. After failing his law exams, Johann is sent by his father to a remote provincial court to reconsider his future among documents and legal records. But when the lovely Lotte (an enchanting Miriam Stein) enters his life, there is an immediate attraction. However, the young lovers are not aware that other plans are being made by Lotte’s father for her future. This is a classic costume drama that captivated my heart and senses. Not only are the actors exemplary in their performances, but their enthusiasm, their realism, and their raw emotions jumped off the screen and into my consciousness. I was dazzled and mesmerized—and didn’t want this delicious story to end. All period piece lovers and romantics take note! This is a beautifully filmed masterpiece that won’t disappoint anyone on any level—at least in my humble opinion.”

Trivia: Goethe’s autobiography is called “Dichtung & Wahrheit” (Truth and Poetry).


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