City Council’s Malfeasance

The City of Asheville is proceeding with its litigation over the water system with the foreknowledge that it will not and cannot ultimately win.

Interview with Rep. Brian Turner
WCQS | November 12, 2015

TURNER: “Well, I think that, you know, my priority is that the people in my district have access to clean and reliable water. The city and the county and the state have been at odds on this for decades, um, you know, probably close to a hundred years now. We have two options at this point. The city has said they’re going to appeal it to the Supreme Court. And, if the city is unsuccessful, then we know what’s going to happen with the Regional Authority. If the city is successful, Senators Apodaca and Representative McGrady have already said that they will file new legislation to fix the problem that was with the old legislation that caused it to be overturned, but that the Asheville system will become a regional system. That’s their goal. And, so, I think, if the city is successful in their suit and new legislation comes forth, then my job is to sit down with Senators Apodaca and McGrady and other stakeholders and say, “OK, how do we create a system that is going to best serve the larger community? If you’re hell bent on making this happen, how do we do it in such a way that’s beneficial for everybody?” So, you know, hopefully, you know, we’ll know soon and we can work to that end.”

by Molton


Who Owns WNC’s Water
Oct. 22, 2015
John Ellison: “Chuck, I wanted you to look into your legislative crystal ball for us and ponder…if by some chance the State Supreme Court decides this law is a ‘no go’, what might be the next step in the General Assembly a proposed transfer?”
Chuck McGrady: “There are other ways to skin a cat. There are other ways to draft that legislation, depending on what the NC Supreme Court says, to make sure we do things constitutionally.”


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