Zamfir’s Lament

In response to the City of Asheville’s Petition for Rehearing being denied by the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Save Our Water WNC will be holding a concert on Thursday to raise funds for its ongoing legal battle with the state.

Headlining the musical extravaganza is community activist Barry Summers, who will play the flute and perform an interpretive dance to “My Heart Will Go On,” a song that has become the group’s unofficial anthem and which was featured in the 1997 beloved film classic “Titanic.” An apt choice. The Titanic, you’ll remember, sank like a bloody rock after a blind encounter with a massive immovable impediment.

Tickets are $10 and guests are encouraged to bring their own homemade protest signs.

“This song, and the way I perform it, has become emblematic of our case against the state and that mean old Tim Moffitt,” said Mr. Summers. “No matter what happens — no matter how much all this litigation costs taxpayers, no matter how much Asheville loses in court, no matter how much of a loser I am, my heart will go on.”

For a preview of the event, which starts at 6:00pm and will be held at Pack Square Park, take a wistful journey through Barry’s pain. Here’s a video of Barry Summers performing his signature song:

(As much as it pains him, former Representative Moffitt could not be reached for comment.)


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