Buncombe County Schools

2013 Total Compensation per year by Primary Job Code



1 Superintendent: $183,717.21

1 Associate Superintendent: $127,905.37

17 Directors/Supervisors:
Top Salary $112,968.42, Median Salary $90,030.68

1 Finance Officer: $115,523.56

49 Principals/Headmasters:
Top Salary $96,746.00, Median Salary $73,322.44

60 Assistant Principals:
Top Salary $93,777.65, Median Salary $58,198.25

1,915 Total Teachers:
Top Salary $97,081.54, Median Salary $41,214.67

1,543 FTE Teachers:
Top Salary $97,081.54, Median Salary $45,176.30

974 Teacher Assistants & Aides:
Top Salary $71,434.40, Median Salary $16,024.81

275 Instructional Support:
Top Salary $86,437.80, Median Salary $48,326.40

115 Non-instructional Support Specialists:
Top Salary $81,023.04, Median Salary $21,661.10

179 Clerical Personnel:
Top Salary: $64,729.43, Median Salary $29,428.67

NOTE: Does not include health and other benefits or lifetime pensions. Figures do not reflect any bonuses or raises given after 2013. Figures include local supplements, longevity pay, annual leave, overtime, mentor pay, annual leave pay, disability, and other extra duty pay. Most positions are paid from multiple sources and many individuals draw from multiple job codes.


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