LTE: Water Merger

Two takes from readers on city-state relations
Tim Peck | Asheville Citizen-Times | 1/13/2013

House Bill 552, sponsored by Representative Tim Moffitt and signed into law by Governor Perdue on June 28, 2012, directed the City of Asheville to turn over title to certain WNC Ag Center properties. To this date, the city has not complied with this directive and instead contemplates action that would control the conduct of gun shows on those same properties.

In April of 2012, the General Assembly’s Legislative Research Committee directed the City of Asheville to effect a merger of their water department with the county’s sewerage system into a reorganized, locally-operated regional water authority that would continue the mission of serving water and sewer customers on a wider scale with greater efficiencies and fairer representation. Instead, they have held an irrelevant and insular referendum, passed antagonistic resolutions, voted down reasonable proposals by MSD, conducted propaganda forums and coordinated oppositional activism, all aimed at thwarting the good faith process called for by the committee.

As with the Ag Center, the city has shown every sign of repeating a pattern of stubborn recalcitrance with the water merger and I urge the General Assembly to take full control of this matter and expedite the merger without compensation at its earliest availability.



“SECTION 2.2.(a) The City of Asheville shall convey to the State of North Carolina by warranty or quitclaim deed all its right, title, and interest to the ‘City of Asheville Parcel’ below, which is part of the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center, and the corporate limits of the City of Asheville are reduced by removing all three parcels below from the corporate limits..”


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