The Local Thinking: Asheville BID

With Host John Green
FM 95.7
November 3, 2012
“Cleaner, Greener, Safer: Asheville & the Business Improvement District.”
Guests: Peter Alberice, Tim Peck.

On October 9, at its biweekly Regular Meeting, Asheville City Council held a hearing on something called “the BID”: the downtown Business Improvement District. After a presentation by the interim board responsible for developing the BID’s implementation plan, as well as more than two hours of often impassioned public comment, City Council voted 5 to 2 to implement the BID.

This vote was the culmination of almost three years of hearings, public debates, refinements to the implemenation plan and – at times – rancor. This since the BID in emerged from the Downtown Master Plan, approved by City Council in December 2009. During that time the BID’s interim board, under the direction of the City Manager, guided the refinement of an implementation plan into the form finally approved by City Council on the 9th.

But what is the BID? . . .



BID Timeline
Below is a summary of the provenance and development of the Asheville Business Improvement District proposal, or BID.

Op-Ed: To BID or not to BID
Tim Peck | Mountain Xpress | August 21, 2012


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