The Campaign Trail This Week

“a controversial blog post by her opponent, Republican Rep. Tim Moffitt..”

Here’s the ACTUAL link to the so-called “controversial blog post”:

Specifically in what way it is controversial has yet to be discovered. The post occurred hours prior to a vote by city council to hold a meaningless and purely political nonbinding referendum on the irrelevant question of selling or leasing a public enterprise to which the city cannot properly claim exclusive ownership.

[@TimMoffitt post on local gov timestamp: “3:33 PM – 14 Aug 12” | City council meetings start at 5p. #avlgov #avlh2o]

And, as accurately reported above, Rep. Moffitt has no quarrel with the referendum. The referendum has absolutely no bearing on the matter at hand. The city might as well hold a referendum on selling the Brooklyn Bridge.

A question asked on the Pete Kaliner show was, “The Legislative Research Commission’s Metropolitan Sewerage/Water System Committee has recommended that the General Assembly consolidate the Public Utility Water System with the MSD of Buncombe County. What effect would a City of Asheville referendum on selling or leasing the water system have on the General Assembly’s actions?”

Answer: “None.”

From: The Campaign Trail: A look at what happened this week in local politics | Mountain Xpress | By Jake Frankel on 08/25/2012 06:32 AM


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