Jeopardizing the Referendum

“However, the vote won’t legally bind the North Carolina General Assembly from taking action on the matter.”

That’s rich.

The referendum option is a gift given by the General Assembly to NC municipalities that modifies the Dillon Rule to allow cities to govern themselves somewhat more autonomously. If the City of Asheville insists on abusing that gift, the General Assembly can very well take it away.

Will they take it away from all municipalities or narrowly craft a definition to only include Asheville? Who knows. The best case would be to only deny Asheville. A statewide reversal would bode ill for this unruly “creature of the legislature.”

And that’s how local government works.

“The campaign trail: A look at what happened this week in local politics”
Mountain Xpress | By Jake Frankel | 08/18/2012 06:32 AM


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