Moffitt Envy

The Moulton cartoon, and the accompanying peanut-gallery comments, are an excellent example of envy and reactionary silly spit-ball politics.

“Why can’t we get glowing reviews? Waah.”
“Let’s make fun of the way he looks. That’ll show ’em. Hah.”

The truth is that Rep. Moffitt has been very effective (using the rules Democrats put in place) in protecting property rights through forcible-annexation reform and ETJ restrictions, protecting voting rights through district elections, protecting commerce rights by allowing breweries to sell their own beer, protecting public safety through launching investigations into CTS contamination, protecting regional assets through airport and water system authority transfers.

The list goes on:

And all that the envious belly-achers can do is complain that he’s handsome? You gotta laugh.

From The campaign trail: A look at what happened this week in local politics
By Jake Frankel, Mountain Xpress, 07/28/2012


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