Candidate Questionnaire: Asheville Tribune

1. Describe your leadership style.

I prefer the project management style of leadership that distributes leadership across a measurable sequence of specific activities aimed at achieving a concrete goal on a defined schedule.

2. Name three famous people with governance philosophies similar to yours.

1) Margaret Thatcher. 2) Gary Johnson. 3) Ron Paul. In that order.

3. What do you want to change in city government?

I want to change the very structure of local government. I would like to see Asheville move toward becoming a contract city in the way that dozens of other cities in the country have, such as the very successful Sandy Springs, Georgia. A contract city outsources all city services except police and fire.

4. What does the oath of office mean to you?

It means making a public and explicit personal committment to exercise policy-making power in the protection of individual rights, including property rights.

5. Where do you draw the line between property rights and community rights?

There are no community rights. Only individuals have rights. Property rights are paramount and should be protected under the rule of objective law. Communities have a strong interest in the protection of property rights. The strong protection of property rights resolves conflicts and preserves peace in a community.

6. How would you use your office to create jobs? Increase affordable housing stock? Reduce our carbon footprint?

1) It is not the proper role of government to create jobs. That is the role of the private sector. Government interference in the economy can only violate rights, destroy wealth and force capital from where it belongs to where it does not belong. The only positive influence government can have in the economy is to circumscribe its action to protecting the right of individuals to engage in productive economic activity without interference so long as that activity does not violate the rights of others. 2) Housing is unaffordable because of zoning, taxation and the high cost of construction and business-creation. We can increase affordable housing stock by reducing government-created barriers. 3) There is no need to reduce our carbon footprint.

7. What are the pros and cons of public/private partnerships?

The pros of public/private partnerships are better services, increased responsiveness and reduced costs. There are no cons.

8. What additional revenue streams would you pursue for the city?

None. The city needs to reduce costs by adopting the public/private partnership model of governance.

9. Should the economic downturn continue, what municipal expenditures would you be willing to cut?

I would be willing to cut all of them except police and fire and contract with private industry to provide basic city services in return for reduced costs and greater efficiency. Absent that, we could start with money-losers like the golf course, the civic center and street festivals.

10. If the federal government offered another round of stimulus, what would you want to procure for the city?

A stamped return envelope. Stimulus money is borrowed, stolen and counterfeited at the expense of every American, young, old and yet to come.


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