Mountain Xpress: City Council Candidates

The Unedited Interview


I’m running for city council mainly to give the citizens of Asheville a choice. I would represent balance in city hall. Secondly, it’s difficult to keep up with all of the complexities of local government. It’s practically a full time job. So I’ve decided to make it my full time job by running for a seat on council.


I’m running primarily on the issues of over-regulation and the growth of government. Over-regulation hampers economic activity and job-creation and we need to liberalize our rules and regulations. Also, current trends in the growth of government are unsustainable. According to our city manager, the cost of implementing current community plans is $200M. Road resurfacing is on an 81 year schedule. Raising taxes is not an option because it will further drive job creators and residents out of the city. Forced annexation is not an option due to recent legislation in Raleigh. Cutting down government to a bare-bones operation indefinitely is highly undesirable and a reversal of progress. I propose restructuring local government to take advantage of the proven efficiencies of private industry through the Public/Private Partnership model of governance that has been successfully implemented in many less progressive cities around the country.


Detail of the phony ban from Scrutiny Hooligan
Tim Peck | September 25, 2010
I am currently banned from the Scrutiny Hooligans community weblog, created by now-council member Gordon Smith, on the pretext that I violated commenting rules.


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