Food Trucks = Competition

Suzy Salwa Phillips, Gypsy Queen Cuisine Lebanese Street Food Truck

Feels food trucks would be harmful to Asheville
Anne Fitzgerald Smith | Asheville Citizen-Times | June 8, 2011

The Asheville Independent Restaurant Association board of directors, in an AC-T article, said: ‎”Food trucks will threaten the livelihood of some of our already existing 200-plus restaurants”

There you have it. A full admission that the ban of food trucks is solely motivated by an interest in eliminating competition in local food delivery services. The writer seems to ignore that fact that restrictions on food trucks threaten the livelihood of the dozens of entrepreneurs who add value to our community. Who the hell is this writer to tell me what food choices I can have in my own city?

1. Food truck entrepreneurs have a right to earn a living in any way that does not harm others.

2. Asheville consumers have a right to make dining choices without the interference of special interests or government restrictions.

3. Ensuring safety is a proper function of government; however, political interference in the marketplace violates individual rights and mostly hurts poor people.


On a roll
by Mackensy Lunsford in Vol. 17 / Iss. 14 on 10/26/2010
Food trucks want a piece of the Asheville restaurant pie

Small Bites
by Anonymous in Vol. 17 / Iss. 43 on 05/17/2011
Food trucks abound — and vegetarian food does too

Lebanese Street Food Truck
Suzy Salwa Phillips |
My vision is quite simple, I want to serve my Asheville community and folks that come and visit from out of town a true authentic experience of Lebanese street food served from a vintage step up van that would run on spent peanut oil from its fryers and powered by solar panels and biodiesel fuel.

The Cancer of Regulation
John Stossel | 6/8/2011
Politicians care about poor people. I know because they always say that. But then why do they make it so hard for the poor to escape poverty?


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