Atlas Shrugged Movie Premiere

Last night, I and many other friends went to the 7:00 PM showing of Atlas Shrugged: Part One.

We all had a great time. I took copies of the Asheville Daily Planet to hand out. This edition has an ineffective smear piece on Ayn Rand by Cecil Bothwell and my counterpoint comments on the same page.

Also, Fred Hofstad from Hendersonville was there. He and I are starting up a new Objectivist club for Asheville and Hendersonville, hopefully WNC. He made up some bookmarks (smart) advertising the new group and we both handed out quite a few.

The theater was packed but not quite sold out. Great folks were there: Me (haha), John North, Leslee Kulba (reporting), Brian Umbarger, Bernard Carman, Clarence Young, Aaron Watkins (Mises dude), Terry Elniff, Eric Gorny, Kathy and Doug Lack, George Danz and Debbie Dante.

One guy reserved the whole back row. I was standing at the back handing out stuff and I gave him some materials for his group. Another dude, Kenneth Elswick, said he knew me and was a HUGE Rand fan and he gave me his card.

We had a great time talking and networking outside the theater after the movie. John brought in a stack of papers to place in the lobby. And he took a group picture in front of the movie poster of the people still there later. It should show up in the next issue.

About the movie, I agree with Ari Armstrong:

OK, do I have to criticize the film? Here it is: the soundtrack was completely forgettable. No one left the theater humming the tune; there wasn’t one. Where is John Williams when you need him?


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