NC War on Affordable Housing

Letter to the Governor
By Bernard Carman and Tim Peck

Dear Gov. Perdue,

I was moved to write you upon reading your “Setting Government Straight” webpage, especially the page devoted to Regulation Reform on which you said:

“Today, I’m asking North Carolinians to tell me what you would do to set government straight. Tell me about rules that defy common sense — rules that hinder job creation — slow progress — or hurt local governments or schools. I can promise — North Carolina will listen to you.”

I wish to share with you that various current state and local laws are working together to prohibit homeowners from offering affordable housing in Asheville, and in NC at large. As a result, less affordable housing is available and also many homeowners now face foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Simple legislative reforms can offer solutions which would prevent unnecessary hardships levied upon thousands of North Carolinians. [continue…]


LTE: Reclaim legislative authority at the local level
by Tim Peck | Mountain Xpress | 12/07/2010
In your article about a Montford homeowner under attack by the city for having “too many people” (Sustainable For Whom, 11/16/2010), Assistant Planning Director Shannon Tuch says, “This is all based on life-safety requirements.


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