TSA Screenings

Intrusive, arbitrary, ineffective and offensive TSA security screenings are a consequence of a timid foriegn policy that is unwillling to identify and eliminate the threat of violent anti-Western, anti-civilization Islamist totalitarianism.

America is not screening at airports for Imperialist Japanese kamize pilots. America is not screening for German Nazi commanders. That is because we thoroughly defeated and demoralized those enemies. What is missing in our national defense regime today is a foreign policy of self-interest that is willing to thoroughly defeat our enemies.

Screening for potential physical instruments of violence blatantly ignores the ideological origins of the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism. It is a willful ignoring of the facts of reality. It demonstrates to our enemies that we are willing to routinely violate the rights of our own innocent to appease the sensibilities of our enemies. This is a prescription for national suicide.


Assault the enemy, not the citizenry
by Linn and Ari Armstrong | November 26, 2010
If we want to get serious about checking out people who may be a threat to us, it is perfectly obvious to anyone with a lick of common sense that a three-year-old Texas girl poses no danger. In our era threats come from a small minority of those with ties to the Islamic world.

Nude Scanners Vs. The Foundations Of Capitalism
Wendy Milling | Forbes | 11.30.10
All it would take to return to the era of safe and unmolested air travel would be to ruthlessly stamp out Islamism by completely destroying all the states that support it and laying down the law for the survivors in those states. Terrorism cannot occur if its perpetrators are dead and its sympathizers thoroughly demoralized.


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