RL Clark

RL Clark is the Asheville Tea Party’s recommended candidate for NC Senate District 49. He has already served two terms in the North Carolina Senate (1995-1996, 1997-1998), where he earned the nickname “Senator No” due to his unyielding resistance to voting for irresponsible spending bills.

Candidate Survey – R.L. Clark
by Mountain Xpress | 04/21/2010

MX: What most distinguishes you from your opponent?

My previous legislative accomplishments: Cut over $1 billion personal, food, excise, inheritance and business taxes. Repealed intangibles tax. Created charter schools; returned control to local boards of education. Required sex offenders to register for life; repealed prison cap. Increased homestead exemptions for elders.

MX: What are your top three legislative priorities?

  1. Jobs creation by reducing business, individual and personal taxes plus eliminating unreasonable and unnecessary rules and regulations.
  2. School choice, vouchers and removal of charter-schools cap.
  3. Compliance with U.S. and N.C. constitutions regarding state sovereignty and legislative redistricting.

Campaign 2008

Campaign 2010



The Definition of Insanity
Micheal Muller | April 28, 2010
Don Yelton is an angry little man with an enormous ego: he runs for office every year because he has a captive audience of Republicans who are either too afraid to stand up to him or too stupid to realize that he’ll never win an election.


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