Market-Oriented Health Care Reform

  1. Allow people to buy health insurance across state lines. Repeal the McCarran-Ferguson Act and enact the Health Care Choice Act to establish inter-state health insurance markets (for choice, competition, portability, affordability)
  2. Implement tort reform (i.e., caps on punitive awards, loser pays, stronger contract enforcement)
  3. Equalize tax benefits between employer-provided and individually-owned health insurance. Allow people to deduct the cost of their health insurance from their taxable income like employers can.
  4. Expand Health Savings Accounts (HSA/HDHP)
  5. Broaden availability of Medicare Advantage
  6. Encourage independent medical co-ops for individuals and businesses. Allow people to form groups to buy large group policies.
  7. Repeal state/federal insurance coverage mandates
  8. Implement licensing reform for professionals and institutions.
  9. Reform drug patent law (to increase market entry, competition)
  10. Facilitate charitable giving on tax forms
  11. Promote medical cost transparency
  12. Reform Medicare (waste/fraud/abuse, vouchers, means-testing, HSA’s)
  13. Replace Medicaid and SCHIP with single block grant
  14. Establish Health-Status Insurance programs and Time-Consistent Health Insurance (for pre-existing conditions, portability)
  15. Reform U.S. Food and Drug Administration (i.e., testing only, no approvals)

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Unaffiliated Objectivist
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