Recess Rally

North Carolina Recess Rally

The Nationwide Recess Rally takes place on Saturday, August 22nd, 2009. If you believe your liberty, your hard earned money and your way of life is under attack through dangerous healthcare legislation currently being proposed, get to your local Representative office on August 22nd and make sure he/she knows.

Asheville Recess Rally
August 22, 2009, Noon
Rep. Heath Shuler’s Office
356 Biltmore Avenue, Suite 400, Asheville, NC
Voice: 828-252-1651, FAX: 828-252-8734

The White House video rebuttal to the above by former ABC News journalist Linda Douglass is worse than silence.

**UPDATE** August 2, 2009

Two Sides Take Health Care Debate Outside Washington

With Republicans mobilizing against the proposed health care overhaul, President Obama, Congressional Democrats and leading advocacy groups are laying the groundwork for an August offensive against the insurance industry as part of a coordinated campaign to sell the public on the need for reform.

The effort will feature town-hall-style meetings by lawmakers and the president, including a swing through Western states by Mr. Obama, grass-roots lobbying efforts and a blitz of expensive television advertising. It is intended to drive home the message that revamping the health care system will protect consumers by ending unpopular insurance industry practices, like refusing patients with pre-existing conditions.


Crowd rallies against federal health care plan
Josh Boatwright | Asheville Citizen-Times | Aug 4, 2009
About 100 people gathered in the parking lot of Ryan’s steakhouse on Brevard Road for the rally organized by the Americans for Prosperity Patients First campaign, which is leading a bus tour across the state.

Why Are We Moving Toward Socialized Medicine?
By Yaron Brook | ARI | July 31, 2009
Government intervention in medicine is wrecking American health care. Nearly half of all spending on health care in America is already government spending. Yet President Obama’s ‘reforms’ will only expand that intervention.

Pro-Liberty Health Rally Draws Hundreds
Ari Armstrong | July 28, 2009
Hundreds of people came to the state capitol in Denver today to protest the political takeover of medicine endorsed by Barack Obama.

What ‘right’ to health care?
John Lewis | Raliegh News & Observer | Aug. 01, 2009
After 50 years of increasing government interventions, through a maze of agencies that now control half of all medical dollars in America, the financial mess is getting worse.


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