High School Drop Out

The agonizing concern in the news over dropout rates is based on the premise that dropping out of a government owned and operated school is a bad thing. Students opt out of their government-driven indoctrination for a variety of reasons and we ought to know what those reasons are.

I realize that times have changed since the early 70’s, but that’s when I was attending public school in Atlanta. I dropped out of high school in the 9th grade. I got my GED and a job and moved forward with my life. I said then, and it’s still true, that I dropped out of school because I wasn’t getting an education and that bothered me. I’ve since fixed all that.

The State of North Carolina could improve dropout numbers by outlawing all other forms of education: charter schools, private schools, home schooling. Or the state could outlaw dropping out altogether. That way, with our formerly free children in total captivity to government education, we could finally achieve a perfect drop out rate.

Then we could turn our attention to government-run psychiatry.


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