Glenn Beck and Ron Paul

On Tuesday, December 18, 2007, libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul accepted a challenge by CNN’s Glenn Beck to appear on his television program and field the “tough questions.” It turns out that the tone presented by this interview would be a little different than the one Beck had been promising during his many months of uncompromising sarcastic criticism. The theme had mysteriously transformed into one of “Honest Questions.”

The significance of this interview is that it represents a total reversal of Glenn Beck‘s nasty attitude and consistent mischaracterization of Ron Paul and his political views.

Prior to this interview, Beck took every opportunity, on radio and television, to harshly criticize, and even childishly ridicule, Ron Paul with sneers and innuendo.

This edition of Glenn Beck’s television program on CNN, however, was a love-fest (Beck even said that he would wet-kiss Ron Paul). Glenn Beck tripped over himself trying to backtrack on his position on Paul. This was a complete, gushing about-face.

I anticipated that Beck would capitulate by moderating his tone somewhat and treating this Presidential contender with respect; especially in light of his having broken all single-day fundraising records by raking in over six million dollars in one day. But this turnabout went further that I expected. It was surprising, humorous, and even embarrassing to see Beck proclaiming his philosophical brotherhood with the candidate he so consistently and unfairly berated as a marginal kook with just enough entertainment value to boost himself in the ratings.

Other critics will have to take note of Beck’s soft-ball, love-fest interview and perhaps begin a similar journey back to reasonableness. Let’s hope they have the same good sense exhibited by Glenn Beck and get off their petty, short-sighted and over-the-top anti-Paul jag.

The bottom line is that Beck is a smart guy. He’s smart enough to know when his betters have called his schoolyard bluffs and smart enough to make the appropriate course correction with aplomb and dignity.

Bravo Beck.


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Ron Paul on Meet The Press, 12-23-07:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


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