Public Comment: Illegal Immigration

Public Comment on Illegal Immigration Resolution
Asheville City Council
August 22, 2006

I support the resolution before city council asking our federal representatives to take action to enforce immigration laws currently in place and to supply the necessary resources that this enforcement might require.

However, I would also like to see the city of Asheville take action too.

I believe that the federal government has proven itself derelict in its responsibility to secure the borders and enforce the immigrations laws it has enacted.

And yet, that failure does in no way absolve local government of its responsibility to uphold the law.

While the lack of strong federal support is a problem, it need not be an absolute barrier to taking action at the local level. WE can move forward even while Congress stalls.

I would like to see majority support for the initiatives proposed at the August 15th worksession by council member Mumpower:

1. I.C.E. training for Asheville police
2. Detention and transfer of illegals
3. Sanctions against knowing employers of illegals

In anticipation of further action to reverse the crisis of illegal migration, I support the resolution.

NOTE: Council member Robin Cape added an amendment to the resolution that so completely changed the character of it that Mumpower was forced to vote against his own resolution. The amended resolution voted on included fully endorsing the National League of Cities resolution which explicitly supports the abominable Senate Immigration Bill. Later, council member Freeborn went on an untempered tirade against Republicans.


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