Keith Young

kyWilliam Keith Young is a Black Male and was selected by the progressive ‘machine’ to win his current seat on Asheville City Council as a pre-emptive political rebuttal to a Republican-led legislature that sought to impose a district election system for the sake of diversity. (The same is true for Vijay Kapoor from the poorly-represented South Asheville.)

Young was the top vote-getter in the 2015 election, along with Brian Haynes and Julie Mayfield, edging out Rich Lee who finished a disqualifying fourth.

1. Keith Young: 6,315, 18.22%
2. Brian Haynes: 6,271, 18.10%
3. Julie Mayfield: 6,114, 17.64%
4. Rich Lee: 5,376, 15.51%

Young was elected under the previous non-partisan at-large system, where the entire city’s voting population decides the composition of city council.

Under the proposed district system, Young would have to compete for election in 2020 from Municipal District 2, which splits Downtown Asheville into two, and North Asheville into two, and also does not include West Asheville at all. (I speculate that Young’s race for reelection would be more competetive under such scheme.)

According to Young’s voter card, his residence is currently in Precinct 01.1.

If state law S.B. 813 is contradicted by a charter amendment, a municipal primary would be held in March under an at-large system. Jake Quinn: “You’ve got to register in December to run in March [primary]”

However, S.B. 813 would remain in effect as a Local Law and some provisions would still apply, such as the extension of certain terms by a year to 2020 and 2022. Section 1.(e)

The proposed charter amendments do not contradict state law in its provision to extened council terms, they only contradict the provisions that impose districts and eliminate primaries.

“To consider adoption two ordinance amendments to the City of Asheville Charter for the following purposes: A. To provide for at-large elections for the members of the City of Asheville City Council; B. To provide that Asheville City Council elections be conducted by the nonpartisan primary and election method.”

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Linda Cohen

Untitled“Linda Cohen was a Philadelphia-based guitarist, who made three albums of instrumental music for classical guitar, augmented with various electronic instruments and effects. Sadly, she passed away recently, but was well-known in Philadelphia both as a musician and a guitar instructor. (Her obituary can be seen here.) Other members of the Philadelphia music scene help out on all her recordings: notably, Craig Anderton and Michal Kac of legendary psych group Mandrake Memorial, as well Charles Cohen, a modular synth player who is well-known to anyone familiar with the Philly underground scene of the past few decades. Leda was followed by Lake of Light (1973) and Angel Alley (1982); of the three, Leda seems to be the most sparse, with the warm nylon-string guitar of most tracks being subtly augmented by bass or synth sounds which remain in the background. Lake of Light is available at this Soundcloud page. Although the arrangements of Lake of Light are sometimes more engaging, I think the songs of Leda are stronger, ultimately making it a more enjoyable album. Calm, reflective, psychedelic, and slightly melancholic music, reminiscent of Führs & Fröhling.” Continue reading

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Chris Anglin: Fraud


Late candidacy could help Democrats win N.C. Supreme Court race
The Associated Press | Jul 5, 2018

RALEIGH — A last-minute candidacy has the potential to dilute Republican votes this fall for a North Carolina Supreme Court seat and boost chances for the Democrats to expand their majority on the court.

Raleigh attorney Chris Anglin filed on the last available day last week as a registered Republican to run for the seat held by another Republican, Associate Justice Barbara Jackson, who is seeking re-election. Civil rights lawyer Anita Earls is running as a Democrat.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reports Anglin actually was a registered Democrat until he changed his voter affiliation in early June, a couple weeks before the judicial candidate filing period began.

Continue reading

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City Council and APD

City Council Meeting Agenda
Regular Meeting
May 22, 2018 – 5:00 p.m.
Council Chamber – 2nd Floor – City Hall

Tribune report:

“Kapoor blew the whistle again. For the third time in two weeks, council members were being blindsided by a request for a vote on an item that was not on the formal agenda, thus keeping members of the public in the dark; had not been vetted by staff, thus providing council with only one side of the issue; and had not been run through the committee process, thus preventing resolution of conflicting datasets. Wisler concurred; due process required noticing the public of potential changes in policy and inviting them to speak on the topics.”


“When Manheimer asked if council wanted to table the matter until their June meeting, Young said, ‘I will not make a motion to lay on the table.’ He said if members of council did not like the measures he had proposed, they could vote against them. ‘Call the question!’ he ordered. ‘You-you don’t want public comment?’ asked the mayor. Young shook his head no. ‘Oh-ka-ay,’ said the mayor hesitantly. Council then rashly approved all three measures, with only Kapoor and Wisler voting in opposition.”


Young: (referring to his 3 motions) “This side is action”

City Council drives through policing changes

“Young cut debate and public comment on his proposals short by calling the question, a parliamentary motion that brings an issue up for immediate vote. While Robert’s Rules of Order, the procedural manual used by Council, requires such a move to be approved by a two-thirds majority vote or unanimous consent, no such vote took place.”

Police group threatens legal action against Asheville

Kapoor issues statement on policing changes

Pete’s Prep: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

“Indeed, the Council and the Mayor rushed to adopt the new rules without public input, as Councilman Keith Young ‘called the question’ – which is a parliamentary rule that shuts off debate and forces a vote.”

Radio: Asheville City Council Cuts Out The Public


City Council Meeting Agenda
Regular Meeting
June 19, 2018 – 5:00 p.m.
Council Chamber – 2nd Floor – City Hall


B. Asheville Police Department Equity & Transparency

1. Resolution regarding written consent
2. Resolution regarding consent search criteria
3. Resolution regarding regulatory vehicle stops


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LTE: District Elections

Dear Asheville Daily Planet,

Municipal district elections are coming to Asheville. This voting method separates the city into six geographical areas for electing six city council members. Candidates must reside in their separate districts and be elected by voters from that district. The mayor will still be elected by all of the city. District elections are all about regional representation, increased democracy, and decentralization in city politics.

A law requiring this election method for Asheville was passed by the state legislature in June. Senate Bill 285 mandates that the city change its charter by November 1st to provide for election districts starting with the 2019 elections.

On Tuesday, July 25, Asheville City Council voted to place a referendum on the ballot that purports to allow the voters of Asheville to decide the matter. This is a ruse. You are being lied to. This issue has already been decided by law and a vote against it would only be used to manufacture evidence for a court challenge in a desperate play to maintain the status quo by a few. Senate Bill 285 is clear and in no way allows the results of a local referendum to take precedent over legislation passed by the General Assembly.



Ballot question: “Should Ordinance #4603 be approved?”
Elections Timeline
Asheville Districts Map – Apodaca


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McGrady on the Regional Water System

Interview on WCQS

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Game Plan 2017

Can anyone spot the fatal flaws in this Democrat strategy?

Game Plan 2017

Our Shot – Episode 1: The 2017 Opportunity
Facebook Townhall Video
Hosted by Rep. Graig Meyer

NC Democrat Party Pipeline Project
The Pipeline Project is the North Carolina Democratic Party’s new program to recruit, train, and support candidates running for local office in the 2017 Special Election.

Court Order
It is ORDERED that: 1. The General Assembly of the State of North Carolina is given the opportunity to draw new House and Senate district plans for North Carolina House Districts 5, 7, 12, 21, 24, 29, 31, 32, 33, 38, 42, 43, 48, 57, 58, 60, 99, 102, and 107; and Senate Districts 4, 5, 14, 20, 21, 28, 32, 38, and 40, through and until 5 p.m. on March 15, 2017.

NC Legislators Serving In the 28 Districts



(1) The 28 districts to be redrawn are all Democrat districts, except one. If they are redrawn in any way similar to existing districts, only the Democrat incumbents will have to run for re-election. Are the Democrats recruiting candidates to challenge their own incumbents?

(2) It is the Republicans that will have the task of drawing new maps for 27 Democrat districts and 1 Republican district. The Republican majority is not going to draw themselves out of power. If anything, Republicans will draw new maps that will result in picking up seats.

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